Religious Teachers Filippini

Kids and Sister Antonia

The Religious Teachers Filippini have been helping the poorest children and women survive for more than 300 years. In the past our schools and initiatives for orphans and widows were mainly due to the consequences of war. Now the times are changing and we are adapting by providing these same survival and life skills to the CHH. Many of our graduates have gone on to set up their own restaurants or sewing shops and others have gone on to be successful in business and technology, or as teachers and nurses.

It is very touching to see the former graduates return with their own families to thank the Sisters for all they have done for them. One very memorable event was when one of our former students returned with 500 eggs for the Sisters to use with the children. He recounted how he and his brother were starving when the Sisters took them in and not only fed them but loved, educated and provided for their every need. For more information about the Religious Teachers Filippin’s work in the United States, please visit:

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